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My Story

Welcome! I am Stephanie Rofkahr, owner of fit.four.five! I am married to my high school sweetheart and the proud mom of three: ages 20, 18 & 9.  Yes, you read that right – age 9.  My oldest are both girls, and yes, the 9 year old was planned, if you were wondering!


I was always athletic growing up; more of a tomboy, I would say.  I played softball, travel ball, ran track, and was even on a speed-skating team.  In high school, I became a little more “girly” and competed in pageants, took dance, and spent all of my Friday nights working out at the local gym where my then “soon-to-be-husband” trained.


I’ve always worked out in some shape or form, but later switched to home base after having my daughters.  In my 30’s, I got hooked on running and ran warrior dashes, mud runs, half and full marathons.  At age 40, I had to give up running over 3 miles due to a knee injury.  My dad had to have double knee replacement surgery, and because I knew the road he had endured, I wasn’t going to go that direction. My son was also in a near death drowning accident, which also caused me to quit taking care of myself and focus on his well being. 


When my oldest left for college, I went in a major depression and totally quit taking care of myself.  My oldest was kind of the core of her siblings.  Her sister missed her dearly, and her brother cried almost every night for her.  He was only six years old, so he didn’t understand why she wasn’t living with us anymore.  After putting on 30 pounds in 5 months, I knew I had to get back into fitness.  It seriously is the best drug and therapy for anyone.  I got myself back into the gym, and received my NASM CPT and Nutrition certification for my personal bucket list. In 2019, I started competing in NPC bikini body building competitions where I have placed 3rd, 2nd and two 1st place wins which now has me Nationally Qualified for 2020! In October 2019, I joined the ‘Get Amped Mastermind’ Program under the direction of James Patrick for the year of 2020!


As we are down to one in our nest, I am ready to stay busy and help women through whatever season they may be experiencing.  I’m here for accountability and for you to share your struggles and goals, because I can promise you I can relate to you in some shape or form.


Let me get you in shape so that you can feel good in your own skin, prepare for your wedding day, pageant or beach vacation. I will show you proper form, nutrition, and what best fits your body type.  My goal is to get you feeling comfortable for whatever your goals maybe or to go out into that Fitness community, Barre class, or Crossfit gym! Most of my clients have built their own home gym and love my guidance so they are efficient with their workouts while I keep them accountable! Let me help you make 2020 YOUR year!