See what some of my clients say


TESTIMONY FROM RAEGAN KING…..“I am an online client who was just looking to get into shape and needed direction, so I reached out to Stephanie! I love her workouts via her website, her guidance, and I’m making healthier eating choices now! I quickly began seeing results, and I started feeling STRONG!

While doing core one day ! noticed a “Ridge” protruding from my stomach and I snapped a picture to Stephanie bc I had seen her posts on diastatis recti before! She immediately responded, had me stop core and had me do breathing exercises that she sent me via texts! I would video myself and we worked back and forth until I could get in with her! It required discipline on my part, but Stephanie equipped me with the tools! In 6 weeks I saw my gap decrease by half, and I’m so thankful to have a coach who is extremely knowledgeable and genuinely cares!

BARBARA PETRIS SAYS……"I started four weeks ago with Stephanie at Fit.Four.Five. My goal was to get back in shape after a hip surgery. I chose Stephanie because I read her personal journey about regaining her life back through exercise, I could relate! In four weeks I have seen an amazing change in my flexibility, strength, and endurance. Stephanie works closely with me to insure that I don’t injure my hip. It is wonderful to have a personal trainer that actually has your total interest in mind, on the days that I’m not training with Stephanie, she gives me work outs and nutrition guidance. The changes I have made with her instruction have allowed me to lose weight and gain confidence. I love going to Stephanie’s studio to work out, I appreciate the privacy of an individual workout versus going to a gym. Stephanie is a very knowledgeable trainer, I would highly recommend her!"


SUZANNE EASLEY SAYS….."I began working with Stephanie because a friend of mine has been going to her and just loves her. I have some weight to lose and I'm almost 50 years old, so I'm really not comfortable going to the gym right now and I needed guidance! Stephanie is wonderful! She challenges me greatly, but with care and kindness, not judgement or harshness which is what I needed. I would definitely recommend her! I couldn't be more pleased!"


“Stephanie and FitFourFive is AMAZING! I would highly recommend her to everyone, men and women of all ages! She knows more about training in the gym and nutrition then any other trainer I have ever worked with!

Stephanie teaches you a “lifestyle” not a fast and furious “diet plan”. A lifestyle that is doable (livable). From great training in the gym, to what to order at restaurants, to even how to buy groceries for you and your family!

At 50, she has transformed my body into something I thought I could never achieve again! One of my life long friends recently asked me, “So what is your secret?” What you have been doing and not telling anyone? My answer was, “Stephanie”.

Stephanie is extremely knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition and sincerely cares about you and helping you to reach YOUR goals! She motivates and inspires me every single time we work out and I never want to miss a workout!

MICHELLE THEVAOS FROM CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA WRITES….."I started working with Stephanie Rofkahr at Fit.Four.Five on Jan. 8th 2018 through recommendations of a friend of mine in AR that knew Stephanie. I reached out to her and she was quick to respond and very welcoming! Stephanie and I had a lot in common,3 children, busy schedule and a former avid runner and the fit seemed easy.

When the 6 weeks started she emailed me the first week of workouts with pictures corresponding to the workouts. She provided me with modifications and weight(barbells) suggestions after speaking with me about my fitness level. She reached out almost daily to see if I had questions and answered the numerous texts I sent her, without hesitation. She set me on the path to getting my eating under control which had always been an issue for me. She made it about a lifestyle change and not a diet.

I never felt like when the 6 weeks were up that she would be done with me. Every Sunday I count on my new workouts, they are always challenging but in a good way! Stephanie has evolved as well in social media and she now puts tips and tricks of the trade on FB and IG and it couldn't be easier. I'm not saying she does the work for you , you definitely need to watch what you eat, portion control and the workouts and YOU will see results.

I've been working out 5-6 days a week for the past 3yrs and I can tell you I've finally started loosing the weight only in the past 10wks, this is because of the support I have from Stephanie! I know weight doesn't matter but I am down 13lbs and people at work have started commenting on my weight this week. It feels so good to be in better shape at 40 than I ever was at 20! If you have the chance take it and workout with Fit.Four.Five."

HOPE ANN HARRIS TESTIMONY READS…….To the woman thats given myself and many others confidence again! I can’t begin to express my love for Stephanie Rofkahr. When I started training with her my goal was tossed a few pounds and get back on track with working out. Little did I know she was going to change up my goals and make me want so much more. I started with Stephanie this past summer and since then I’ve gone down three pant sizes and lost over 25 lbs and finally wearing shorts!

I have worked out my entire life. I’m 21, I’ve always been athletic and i went to the gym 5 days a week. I weighed 145 and ate like crap! Stephanie helped me understand with a healthy lifestyle mixed with the right workouts for my body type, I could lose weight and gain muscle at the same time.

The thing I loved most about working out with Stephanie is that she helps you learn how to work out on your own! You only train with her an X about of days and she guides you on the other days! She teaches you all new exercises and make sure you learn with proper form. She has also helped me find the beauty in managing a healthy nutritional lifestyle!

Stephanie has helped me feel beautiful again and confident in my own skin! We forget no matter our age or gender is, we all have at some time lacked self-confidence. Stephanie started as my personal trainer but she has become a true friend! I love this woman so much!